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High quality "Locally Manufactured" Folding Partitions, Operable Walls, and Movable Glass Walls at the lowest cost.

Typically used to divide meeting spaces in Hotels, Convention Centers, Schools, and Religious buildings.

History has proven that there is no better design than CSI Operable Partitions, CSI Folding Walls, CSI Glass Walls, available as Single Panels, Paired Panels, Electric Trains, or in Vertical Lift Double Wall configuration.

No one can provide the end user with better service or a lower price than a "Local Manufacturer", who Fabricates, Delivers, Installs, and Services your Local Contractor.

"Factory Direct To The Client" allows your Local Manufacturer to control the sales, manufacturing, transportation, installation, and warranty.

Our Manufacturers don't take short-cuts; our Clients  get exactly what they are promised, and exactly what they paid for.

But at a lower cost !

Hotels are our specialty with recent projects for all the Hotel Chains.